What the motivational guru’s don’t want you to know

What if you can have unstoppable motivation? How would your life look different? You would be able to achieve your dreams, make the money you want, maybe start your own business, have the freedom and joy you desperatly need, … and lots and lost more…

People do interesting things to get motivated. They’ll talk to themselves, put great music on, they go watch inspiring movies, even do fire walks, watch mind movies, get a wake up clock with motivational audio on it, do affirmations “I’m motivated, I’m energized,I’m good…”

Isn’t it amazing to see how creative we are in trying to find new ways to motivate ourselfs? Does that  really work?

Well some days it works and other days it doesn’t. And you’re wondering why the heck you lack motivation. There’s a simple reason for why you need to do this over and over again, but let us first start out with defining what motivation really is and what none of the motivational guru’s and experts are telling you:

Motivation is the feeling that you need, to be able to do the things you do not want to do in the first place.

Are you with me? If not, read that again.

And I hear you thinking right now: ‘This is not the case at all, because I want this sooo badly… but there are just these days I just can not get myself moving at all…’

See this is exactly what I mean more helpful hints. People will tell you that the best thing you can do to get motivated is by taking action. Some tell you that you have to forgive yourself or to reward yourself afterwards, …the carrot and the stick method… Does that really work?

What do you think is going on then? Well it all comes down to same thing over and over: they are giving you advice to overpower the real problem at hand. There are reasons why you do you not want to do things in the first place… even if you think you want them so badly

The reason is that there are uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that are getting in your way.

Feelings like self doubt, uncertainty, is it good enough, am I good enough, doubt, insecurity, fear of failure, perfectionism, not knowing what to do next, no commitment… the list goes on and on….

This is what stops you dead in your tracks time and time again.

Not the so called ‘lack of motivation’. That’s only the excuse you are using.

Here is something to realise:

People who get things done might sometimes have those negative feelings in the way as well. But the only difference is they don’t take them too seriously.

They recognize that those feelings are a byproduct of their personal thinking.  They also recognize that their thinking and their feelings can change.  They are not static.

Knowing that the fear will soften down once we start engaging in the thing we want to do.

We can realize that we don’t always have to believe the thoughts and the feelings in our mind,  so we don’t jump on a train of thought that leads us astray.

Instead of trying harder, of forcing yourself, or getting in a super state, … slow down and recognize the thoughts about the tasks at hand that you’re holding on to (it’s not good, i don’t like it, it’s never gonna work, what if it falls flat, I’m not in the mood, It has to feel right, … ) and realize that you don’t have to do.


Bart is a transformational coach, Three Principles facilitator and business mentor. His clients typically experience deep generative changes and will attain a more hopeful, deeper grounding in life and what's possible for them.
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