• Embracing the Light Side

    "Last week my coaching session with Bart Loos was tailor made for what I was requiring . I had some coaching with Bart a couple of years ago and since then I have moved on having achieved those outcomes, so it was great to connect again.

    What I like about Bart is that he presents coaching as it should be: person-process centred without the Hollywood cheese. Bart does not interject strong opinions and I like that, he acts as a coach should, with coolness and the ability to guide you through a subjective process of the sometimes unknown.

    My positive experiences with coaching is that it is a bit like an enjoyable game of Kerplunk. Does anyone remember that? And this is what it felt like with Bart, true fun through discovery!

    What we identified was that there were two sides to my life and business - the light side and the dark side. (No Star Wars quotes, please!), and Bart helped shift my attention to the few important things on the light side, and that's where it has stayed.

    I have now deleted a number of things from my life and gotten much better focus. I am writing again with fun and curiosity and applying my daily habits to the important things that matter and life is much 'lighter' again. I have already fulfilled my tasks and am due to report back to Bart"

    Jay Arnott
    Jay Arnottjayarnott.com
  • Insights and Answers

    Bart’s ease created a tangible grounding. That  helped me relax beyond the tension of my question. Which in turn helped me slow down and allow insights and answers, which were already in me, to reveal themselves. Very attentively he offered caring space; it did me a lot of good and the movement is still going on.

    Filip Lowette
    Filip Lowette Claridad
  • The gift of changing my perception of life:

    I came to Bart looking for commercial and marketing support.  I was not aware of what I was going to find, simply because one cannot expect what one does not know.  What took place was a wonderful process of transformation that has profoundly touched the way I look at life .  Yes, of course I got marketing tips.  I got guidance, I got lots of bibliography tips and resources.

    He is also a connecting factor and whenever possible will put you together with people with mutual interests. That alone met the objectives of my coaching programme.

    But I was not aware I was going to get the gift of changing my perception of life. I am a curious spirit who searches wisdom everywhere and reads a lot.  I knew lots of theory and had a great deal of professional practice.  But what I learnt is deeper, it is real insight, a philosophy of life...

    Bart is supportive in a truly non judgemental way.  He is patient and gentle. He does not want to change or fix you, he does not push knowledge to you.  I woke up to a new way of being that has made me a better professional and a less anxious person. That is precious.

    The key is within, but it takes a good coach to help you find it.

    Mirna Hildago
    Mirna Hildago Wiser Gems
  • Sharpening Your Mindset:

    During the intake with Bart he challenged me to think a little bigger. I was getting used to think on the edge of my comfort zone and could use a little stretch. Based on this, we started a journey of several months together.

    Bart felt close to my side during the whole journey. When I started getting stuck he gave me the right push, assist, support or confronted me when necessary. Based on that I kept making progress.

    Now we are more then a year later and I'm proud about the steps I made. I'm sure the guidance of Bart has supported me in moving on. He also supported me in jumping over some borders I was getting used to.

    So yes, I'd recommend Bart as a guide specifically if you want to sharpen your entrepreneur mindset as a coach.

    Philippe Bailleur
    Philippe Bailleur Living Systems Coaching
  • Grow Your Business:

    The results of working with Bart are a rapidly growing client base! People in my network are fully aware of my services and actively supporting me in finding me assignments. My focus is on the right things: Getting my messages out there and gaining clients.

    The results of working with Bart are a rapidly growing client base! People in my network are fully aware of my services and actively supporting me in finding me assignments. My focus is on the right things: Getting my messages out there and gaining clients.

    The benefits I got are: a focused route-to-market, clear client based messages, the right balance between professional and entrepreneurial tasks. Before I met Bart I was unclear of the steps to get my messages across. My attention was all over the place.

    Bart helped me to focus on clarifying and strengthening my business messages and find the right routes to my clients. Thanks to Bart this process accelerated and my business is growing much faster than expected. He also stimulated me to do certain actions that are somewhat out of my comfort zone (like speaking on conferences).

    If you ever doubt Bart’s added value, you can always give me a ring: Marianne Heijneman – Hands-on-Talent – + 31 6 83799130

    Marianne Heijneman
    Marianne HeijnemanHands-on-Talent
  • Triple Your Income:

    After working 2,5 months with Bart Loos my income has tripled, and we are not even half way in our adventure together…

    The best investment that I made since I became a professional coach and trainer!

    This was a very good deal, Bart! I hope that many others will choose to work with you, cause the money invested is already back in my account big time! I feel blessed to have you by my side 🙂

    Mieke Bruneel

    Mieke Bruneel
    Mieke BruneelSchool Voor ZelfVertrouwen
  • More energy and contracts:

    “Should I work together with a salescoach?” that thought played through my head. I wanted to get rid of my aversion of selling, and loved to get a better insight in how to create business systems that fit your personality.

    Well, Bart was the right person to help me do that. He focuses on who you are and what you want to create. Starting from the ‘Golden Circle’ as Simon Sinek would say. Mindless commercial tricks are not what you’ll get, rather you’ll learn to create your own system en discover to hold your own time management. Tools and models are provided when necessary. According to what fits you. If you don’t like to write blogs, you don’t have to. Lot’s of attention on self-reflection and feedback.

    In Bart I found (and still find) a sparring partner who can listen deeply and is able to ask the questions that confront your own behavior. It’s sometimes a fight to change limiting beliefs (selling your services is FUN!), that’s why the recurring conversations through Skype where so worthwhile. To stay right on track.

    The difference with before?

    My focus is much sharper, I’m out on the market, with MY message and that’s creating results (energy and contracts) AND I have a great mix of short term and mid long term goals (I used to habitually focus only on Long Term goals).

    If you’re interested in working with Bart, you can always call me (Also I decided to work with Bart after an enthusiastic referral) ingrid@ingridlarik.be - +32 473 73 25 88

    Ingrid Larik
    Ingrid Larik Flexvia
  • Building Your Coaching Business:

    Bart meets you where you are and starts from there. He’s very alert in following your rhythm. He walks together with you, your way, in your rhythm and supports to mover forward.

    Bart helps you to make your dream concrete working step by step towards it.

    Before working with Bart, being able to coach was a dream to me without any concrete form or action steps. Now the it’s starting to unfold giving me the time to contemplate, to build and refine.  He helps me to take the different steps in the right order, and helps to get me more structure..

    I get tools and tips that support me in this process. Due to regular follow-up (1/week) Bart helps me to take the time and make a priority of building my coaching business.

    Isabelle Hoet
    Isabelle HoetIsabelle Hoet Coaching
  • Enjoying the Moment:

    It's been going pretty well. I feel like I am less stressed out about having to "change" for some reason.

    I'm more relaxed and I think I'm enjoying the moment more. Before it was like I always had to fix something... or I should be out achieving something well I owe it to you 🙂

    Thanks so much for your help! I feel like my progress went waaay faster once I talked to you, I would probably be in the same situation as before if I hadn't....it just cleared so many things up!

    Mark MC
    Mark MCMark MC
  • Changing Money Mindset: 

    “Bart Loos is a genius – I had a 25 minute Skype  chat with him this morning over a money mindset issue that had been bugging me and within 7 hours I have had more signups to my newsletter in one day than ever before and sold my FIRST EVER online product at £297 completely passively. This is no coincidence – BIG THANKS to Bart, you really really helped me.”

    Lucy Johnson – London
    Lucy Johnson – LondonFully Booked Formula
  • For me the mindset session was very useful: I now have a very clear picture of what elements in my mindset could be improved.

    Especially discussing and then scoring the various elements of mindset was very insightful. Before this session I was not aware of so many ways of looking at mindset.

    Thanks Bart!

    Marianne Heijneman
    Marianne HeijnemanHands-on-Talent
  • Anger relieve and stress handling improved:

    For me, it was an introduction in striving towards a ‘calmer and less chaotic way of thinking’ Being coached by a confidant, someone who is open minded, without judgment, emphatic and very creative.

    When I’m having a difficult time, this experience has taught me, to go back to a feeling of safety and trust, which now I know, will always be there the moment I think about it in a positive conscious way.

    Carolina Jansens, Antwerp

    Carolina Janssens
    Carolina JanssensCarolina Janssens
  • Handling Stress:

    A while back I got together with Bart to coach me handling stress. In certain working situations I became stuck due to (internal and external) stress.

    I was very happy about Bart’s coaching: my “problem” got mapped out clearly and extracted to the essence. By having a better contact with the values that drive me and integrating powerful positive emotions and experiences with situations hard to handle, I became really more efficient and more “in control”.

    After taking a few months leave, I got back to a hectic work life, and I still feel the positive results of our coaching every day. I won’t say that I am always ‘calm and relaxed’ now, but I feel the stress now as a more positive force. Even when it tends to become negative, I’m much more capable of handling it then before.

    One thing that stands out is Bart’s capability to sort out the problem in a relaxed and focused manner. He also explains the theoretical frame where his coaching is based on. His way of working resembles NLP based “timelines and logical levels”, but is on the other hand totally different….

    The foundation of his work is totally different and seems to be more effective. Knowledge about the process isn’t necessary for it to work, though it gave me an extra dimension and trust.

    Mich Manssens,

    Michelle Manssens
    Michelle Manssens Michèlle Manssens
  • Bart helped me to change a core belief about a difficult and draining problem. I felt liberated afterwards!

    I would sum Bart up as skillful, sympathetic, calm, focused and encouraging. I would have no hesitation enlisting his expert help again to make changes in my life.

    Jaspal Kallar - Stockholm Sweden
    Jaspal Kallar - Stockholm SwedenJaspar Kallar
  • Skin allergy Relieved:

    I have to publicly thank Bart for heroically changing my allergy belief 🙂 Thank you again!

    Rinon Hoxa, Pristina
    Rinon Hoxa, PristinaZgjidhja
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Thanks so much for yesterday – it was really great to talk and to think a bit more deeply about some of my mindset stuff.

    Firstly, I thought the 7 steps were really great – the way you’ve highlighted them makes them all more tangible. I personally found it fascinating as well when you explained the psychology – especially when you were saying how a lot of techniques work on the vague situations, and also, only deal with the symptom, not the cause.

    I liked your visual representation of how we want to get from A to B, but are blocked by all the doubts, fears etc. which then makes us think that we can’t get from A to B, or we end up making excuses and stay at A etc.

    The best part was rating each aspect and seeing where I was. This helped me immediately identify what was lacking, and why, and gave me a lot of food for thought as I feel better able to deal with it. I liked the way you explained how affirmations really work, and how you can figure out what’s really going on internally when you say them to yourself. Thanks again!”

    Sarada Chaudhuri - London
    Sarada Chaudhuri - LondonSarada Chaudhuri
  • It was a rough time in my life. Having been in this world for the last 20 years, I came to realize one day, that the problem wasn’t life, or other people. It was about me and my reactions to people and the events that I encounter in my everyday life.

    Why were some people so calm about something that made me cry?

    I tried energy, EFT, Reiki, yoga. All of them had an impact but the results faded away after sometime. Than I came across something which I didn’t think would be of value. 3DMind.

    That was 3 months ago. One of the guys I met there was Bart. I got his Skype after some talk, and started getting help from him after that. Well, what can I say…?

    He was the relaxed confident person,… the person I wanted to be like.

    During the times we worked together, he helped me remove a block that was there and was sabotaging just about every aspect of my life. He removed my fear of making a mistake…

    It felt like the clouds clearing up after living this way for as long as I have known myself. Today I live a more joyful life and I keep in touch with Bart, who is ready to help me any time I need.

    It’s his mastery combined with his tools and attitude what makes him get results even in resistant people like me.


    Harun Güner, Istanbul, Turkey
    Harun Güner, Istanbul, Turkey Butigo
  • “Being on the coaching program with Bart has proven really eye opening. Follow the steps (that’s what you have to do yourself still) and you’ll begin to write a successful story for your business.”

    Sandro Krumbein - Rockstock Germany
    Sandro Krumbein - Rockstock GermanyLokalim
  • Bart is amazing at being able to teach others how to improve their lives and their business. He sees things as they are and knows what to do to help people change. I give him my highest recommendation.

    If you are even thinking about changing how you do business or about improving your life you need to talk to Bart first.

    Tom Vizzini
    Tom VizziniEssential-Skills
  • It was exactly what I was looking for, having been a strategy consultant for 10 years, I’m moving into the field of coaching. The stories, wisdom, insights, and recommendations are very helpful for me.

    Ahmed T. Goudeaux – Toronto, Canada
    Ahmed T. Goudeaux – Toronto, CanadaAhmed T. Goudeaux
  • As you presented the 7 levels of mindset and went through them in detail, I saw a bigger picture about what’s holding me back, what are my current patterns and blocks, and what I need to do in order to get what I want.

    I felt it was thorough and gave me a clear idea about where I am in each level, and where I need to be if I am to reach my goals. It allowed me to reinforce my commitment to the process. Arzu Durukan

    Arzu Durukan – Istanbul, Turkey
    Arzu Durukan – Istanbul, Turkey Dream And Achieve
  • Before working with Bart, my message was large and I had actions planned but not enough structure in it, what was leading to start things in a non-organized way.

    During the coaching program we defined the positioning and concrete actions as well as planning linked to it. I loved sticking to this specific actions and having regular sessions with Bart It gave me a logic structure as all actions are linked to each other.

    Working with Bart gave me the following improvements: Clear positioning and message Staying focused Innovating new commercial approach supported by Tips and Tools which helped me steadily grow my business.

    Sandra Trincat
    Sandra TrincatPro-Perspectives
  • Bart’s system has really helped me developing my own story, my USP and putting together my own program.

    his coaching program it was all there, but scattered. Now it got focused, aligned with myself and what I am offering. His weekly calls kept me on track; he is patient, yet strictly effective.

    Hilde Van Winkel
    Hilde Van Winkel Hilde Van Winkel
  • "Thanks for the sessions – I found your approach very helpful, and you gave me lots of tips which I will be putting into practice over the next weeks. I feel inspired now – and very ready to leave my limiting beliefs behind me!”

    Jane Stephenson
    Jane StephensonKnowboundaries Coaching and Training
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