Robin Williams and the thought generated experience

This morning we woke up with the news that the great comedian and actor Robin Williams took his own life. It seemed he was struggling with an alcohol addiction and a depression. Regardless if someone’s a celebrity or not, it’s always sad to see when people don’t see a way out but to commit suicide.

We don’t have to underestimate suicide thoughts and feelings. When we’re depressed we are very much focused in the moment on our experience, depressing feelings and thoughts. And they look very real, strong and urgent.

In that moment we don’t realize that anything in nature and especially emotions and feelings have the natural tendency to change.

Whatever dim it might look at the moment, it will never last in that particular way.

Things will always look quite different in a week, a month,…

Our mind  clears up the moment that we realize that we always have the choice to take our feelings, emotions, and thoughts not (so) seriously. There are many many people who have suicide thoughts, maybe everyone at one point in their live has had one or more, but they never act upon it. Simply because they intuitively know not to believe all thoughts that popup in their mind and that thoughts are really just that: thoughts.

Someone who acts upon the thought, has innocently taken that thought for real. And from one thought a whole thought up scenario gets created. And this becomes an emotional reality.

At this point you might wonder how come that if it are just thoughts I’m still feeling miserable. We humans are equipped with a great feature, consciousness. And what ever thought is brought up in our consciousness will have a feeling compound to it. This forms the basis of every experience we’re having. We often get in trouble when we start equating our personal experience with reality.

We can entertain any thought and feel any way we want to feel. When we’re feeling blue it doesn’t come from the outside world, the context, but rather from the stories created in our minds that at one point or another we start believing and take for real.

There are people in this world who go or have gone through grave atrocities, and will do anything to keep themselves save and alive. And others who seemingly have all, but are immensely unhappy. It’s not the outside world that defines how we feel. It’s our inside world that is at the basis. It are always your own perceptions about reality that will define your reality.

It’s important to stretch that if you’re struggling with suicide thoughts and feelings, please seek out help You don’t have to tackle them alone. And sure they might not ‘understand’ your problem or how you feel, but they will listen to you. Take a look around in your local area, and find someone who can help.

Bart is a transformational coach, Three Principles facilitator and business mentor. His clients typically experience deep generative changes and will attain a more hopeful, deeper grounding in life and what's possible for them.
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