Mental Well-Being in Times of Adversity

This morning at my regular check-up in the hospital my doc told me the following:

“We, the medical team, were a bit puzzled that you were in such a great mental state during the whole treatment of your leukemia. We first thought you were in denial, suppressing things, and soon would ‘crack’ but now we have seen that you were a school example of how one can deal with cancer.”

And no,  this is not about me. This is  about you.

It’s also not extraordinary. It is not my character either.

It was NOT about positive thinking, not about fighting, not about having courage. Not about denying my emotions, not about suppressing that I had Leukemia.

It was also not about practicing mindfulness, praying, or hoping, cialis generico
It was not about running techniques or exercises, to help me deal with stress, fear, looking death in the eye.
It was not about believing in God a religion or a hereafter.

What then was it about?


Understanding one simple fact of life.

Understanding that it is our thoughts that generate our experience from moment … to moment … to moment…

100% of the time.

From the inside-out.

It’s not about having better thoughts or managing thoughts but about realizing that we think in the first place.

It’s that what generates stress, fear, panic, depression, burn-out, inflexibility, frustration … …it’s not generated by dying from cancer, being stuck in a bed, your body being in distress or anything else.

So when we get insight in the real cause of our experience things and life in general become far more easier to handle and more fun wherever we might be.

It’s there for everyone to realize.

Bart is a transformational coach, Three Principles facilitator and business mentor. His clients typically experience deep generative changes and will attain a more hopeful, deeper grounding in life and what's possible for them.
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  • Bob Buckley

    This moved me greatly, Bart. The realisation that “we are not our thoughts” is so powerful, as you have shown by sharing this with us. Thank you.

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