For over 40 years I’ve been looking at what’s created, and saw fault, despair, laughter, joy and solutions in what’s created.

For half of those 40 years I read, I studied, I payed, I wondered, I thought about how to change or improve the already created. It let me walk many different roads, meet amazing people.

So I went on motivational seminars, beat up new age stuff, Studied eastern religions, philosophies, Positive Thinking, NLP, EFT, 3dMind, Meditation, Alpha Brain wave Training, Insights, Enneagram, fire walks, business bootcamps, marketing, aura readings, energy healing, …

It helped me to help myself and others in pain.

So I thought I was on the right track.

But still somewhere down there I felt this small itch that something was missing.

I heard a whisper…

So I started to look at “what is creating”

And just by looking in that other direction, I started seeing the depth of life, the beauty in the despair, the greatness of the power that lies in everyone of us.

Sure I heard that said a zillion times, in all the above I studied and more, I heard that in churches, in temples of different religions around the world. I heard hundreds of change workers talk about it, and parrot it mindlessly.

I parroted it mindlessly.

Though it’s as different as talking about sex and having sex.

I saw the wholeness in me, and in any other being.

There isn’t anything missing. There’s nothing broken You are not broken.

I went from having empathy for someone’s pain to having compassion

I went from jealousy for someone’s joy to sharing that joy

And the more I saw that there was nowhere to get to, nothing to reach, nothing to do,… I saw how easy life is.

We are life. It’s not something that happens to us. Life unfolds from within us and through us.”

Bart is a transformational coach, Three Principles facilitator and business mentor. His clients typically experience deep generative changes and will attain a more hopeful, deeper grounding in life and what's possible for them.
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