Are You a Rock Star?

A Rock Star gets up in the morning curious about what they can create that day. A Rock Star is a role model who inspires the world around them. My Rock Stars are coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders, artists, moms and sons.

They are not victims and do not believe that what happens just happens.

You know that you do not need coaching but you understand the impact deep transformative coaching will have on your life.

If you believe that you’re the one who initiates change and growth, you’re the one who creates, then I can coach you.

You’re willing to step up, face your fears and are committed to upping your game. You’re willing to look deeply into and transform that what’s holding you back from living your full potential.

I do not use techniques and templates. What important is during our deep transformative coaching work together, is you. Solely you. Not a model, not a template.

My clients, when working with me, agree that they will be clear, dedicated, committed and real. Like I will be real, honest and showing up fully.

When we work together, it means that I believe in you. I might even believe in you more than you believe in yourself. I will believe in you when things go great and when it doesn’t.

But I’m not an accountability coach. You are responsible for what you create and the results you get. Not me. I’ll not be holding your hand.

My commitment to you is that I’ll create a safe place, wherein you can fully show up.

Be prepared to have deeper insights.

Insights will set the stage for different behaviors and actions. It will set the stage for peace of mind, innate confidence, wellbeing and more extraordinary experiences.

Insights make coaching impactful and potentially life-changing.

If you’re a Rock Star wanting to play a bigger game lets get to know each other.

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  • The gift of changing my perception of life:

    I came to Bart looking for commercial and marketing support.  I was not aware of what I was going to find, simply because one cannot expect what one does not know.  What took place was a wonderful process of transformation that has profoundly touched the way I look at life .  Yes, of course I got marketing tips.  I got guidance, I got lots of bibliography tips and resources.

    He is also a connecting factor and whenever possible will put you together with people with mutual interests. That alone met the objectives of my coaching programme.

    But I was not aware I was going to get the gift of changing my perception of life. I am a curious spirit who searches wisdom everywhere and reads a lot.  I knew lots of theory and had a great deal of professional practice.  But what I learnt is deeper, it is real insight, a philosophy of life...

    Bart is supportive in a truly non judgemental way.  He is patient and gentle. He does not want to change or fix you, he does not push knowledge to you.  I woke up to a new way of being that has made me a better professional and a less anxious person. That is precious.

    The key is within, but it takes a good coach to help you find it.

    Mirna Hildago
    Mirna Hildago Wiser Gems
  • Sharpening Your Mindset:

    During the intake with Bart he challenged me to think a little bigger. I was getting used to think on the edge of my comfort zone and could use a little stretch. Based on this, we started a journey of several months together.

    Bart felt close to my side during the whole journey. When I started getting stuck he gave me the right push, assist, support or confronted me when necessary. Based on that I kept making progress.

    Now we are more then a year later and I'm proud about the steps I made. I'm sure the guidance of Bart has supported me in moving on. He also supported me in jumping over some borders I was getting used to.

    So yes, I'd recommend Bart as a guide specifically if you want to sharpen your entrepreneur mindset as a coach.

    Philippe Bailleur
    Philippe Bailleur Living Systems Coaching
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